EU Projects


The European project ADRIACLIM, which addresses the issues of climate change in the Adriatic area, will focus on the creation of new models for observing and monitoring weather conditions in the Adriatic Ionian coastal areas and the development of effective climate adaptation plans. Thanks to the project’s diverse and interdisciplinary partnership, high-resolution forecasting models will be developed for the coasts of the northern Adriatic Sea, which will take into account sediment, erosion and wave transport to simulate different future scenarios on the possible impact of floods storm surges in coastal areas. The model will provide administrators and officials of the pilot areas involved – and potentially other relevant actors of the Adriatic coastal territory – with a better understanding of the level of acceptability of the risk of extreme events such as floods and storm surges combined with sea level rise caused by climate change in a short and long term view.

Thanks to this model, cities will be able to better assess the future territorial vulnerability and potential risks for the population in order to plan and develop adaptation measures adapted to the needs of each coastal area if the acceptable risk threshold is exceeded. In addition, the model will support the partner areas in defining intervention priorities and estimating the timing of possible adaptation measures, thus promoting the development of more effective long-term strategies and innovative policies to cope with extreme weather events and rising sea ‚Äč‚Äčlevel.