EU Projects


The AdriAdapt project aims to promote local and regional resilience by developing the knowledge base needed to identify adequate planning and climate adaptation options, thus enabling local authorities to respond to policy needs related to climate action in urban and coastal areas of the area of ​​the Adriatic basin.

This objective will be supported by some main macro-actions:

1. Harmonize and improve the available knowledge related to the climate generated by existing national and European monitoring networks and data collection. This collection, aimed at producing high-resolution climate data sets and projections, will provide detailed and reliable information on climate-related impacts in the Adriatic regions, in order to support decision-making processes.

2. Create an information dissemination system through a knowledge platform for the Adriatic region containing good practices, guidance documents, legal frameworks and climate and vulnerability studies, to promote the design of adaptation and resilience plans and measures to different stairs.

3. Test and integrate the knowledge platform within the project partner Italian and Croatian pilot cities where adaptation and resilience plans will be designed. Particular attention will be devoted to the construction of green and blue infrastructures and the use of nature-based solutions to improve sustainable development and increase the resilience of the socio-ecological system.