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ADRIPLAN – ADRiatic Ionian maritime spatial PLANING is a European project funded by the European Commission (DG MARE) specifically dedicated to the Adriatic and Ionian Maritime Spatial Planning. The objective of the project is to provide a common approach to Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP) in the whole Adriatic-Ionian Macroregion. The project aims to achieve its objective through the specific study of two focus areas (Northern Adriatic and Southern Adriatic/Northern Ionian). The reference framework is that of the Integrated Maritime Policy and the eco-systemic approach which is based both on EU directives (ICZM Protocol for the Mediterranean and the new ICZM-MSP proposal) and on the plans and programs of each State falling within the study area.

The ADRIPLAN project approach is summarized in the following points:

– It supports the development of the action plan that implements the Maritime Strategy for the Adriatic and Ionian Seas;

– It is consistent with the principles of the Roadmap for MSP;

– It is ecosystem-based;

– Responds to the peculiarities of each application area (Macroregion and Focus Areas);

– Provides greater certainty for investments in infrastructure and other economic activities;

– Fully involves relevant regional and governmental bodies and other stakeholders;

– Harmonizes with emerging MSP systems in other member states;

– Responds to the maritime policy priorities of interested Member States;

– Promotes a robust evolution of the legal, administrative and governance framework;

– Recognizes the autonomy of member states in developing MSP and the voluntary nature of cross-border initiatives.

The project involves 4 states: Italy, Greece, Croatia and Slovenia; 8 scientific partners, 9 institutional partners and 18 observers. Through the support of this large group of involved partners it has been possible to develop a serious involvement of key stakeholders in order to prepare specific proposals and recommendations for transboundary marine management and planning.