National projects

Cariplo 1

CARIPLO 1 / Climate change and territory. Guidelines and operational proposals for the Metropolitan City of Milan: Pilot actions on four Homogeneous Zones


Definition of a roadmap to implement a climate action plan for the Metropolitan City of Milan (CMM). The project aims at aligning the local framework of the CMM to the international debate and the new issues on the integration of climate action planning within the existing spatial planning instruments, thus pursuing targets of greenhouse gas emissions reduction and adaptation response, already established at the international level.

The study aims to:

  1. increasing knowledge and introducing climate change issues into local planning practices, thus reviewing instruments and plans under the umbrella of territorial resilience;
  2. communicating and disseminating the challenges of climate change to local citizens, by defining a communication strategy;
  3. addressing spatial (territorial planning) and climate (environmental planning) challenges in an integrated way with efficiency-led targets.


  • framework on mitigation and adaptation policies at the international, national and local level;
  • definition of the local climate profile as reported on the national adaptation plan;
  • mapping of the current territory and the stakeholders, with a specific focus on the four pilot Homogeneous Zones of the CMM;
  • preliminary study to guide the construction of a process towards a future overall strategy to address mitigation and adaptation policies at the scale of the Metropolitan City of Milano (CMM)
  • elaboration of spatial planning support maps to inform the future Metropolitan Territorial Plan (PTM), aiming at integrating climate change mitigation and adaptation challenges into the territorial governance and urban planning practice.
  • proposal for organizing the CMM into specific Local Climate Zones (LCZ)
  • assignment of site-specific adaptation measures detailed for the selected LCZs (for the creation of a CMM Adaptation Atlas/taxonomy) to produce pilot projects.