National Projects

Cariplo 2

Cariplo 2 / Towards climate-proof landscapes for living and working: Adaptation to climate change and improvement of the human comfort in public spaces and work areas in the peri-urban places of Milan


  • improvement of the urban microclimate through the identification of critical hotspots in the landscapes of living and working in the territory of the Metropolitan City of Milan;
  • proposal of specific urban actions implemented through pilot co-design projects, involving citizens and local actors.


  • Risk assessment for the Metropolitan City of Milan;
  • Three pilot projects on the case studies identified, aimed at testing innovative approaches to co-design, simulate and evaluate adaptation scenarios, including with microclimatic models, and verify their acceptance by local actors: Vimodrone, Trezzano sul Naviglio and La Piana, Piazzale Fabio Chiesa, Municipality of Milan
  • Training activities for technical staff and professional bodies.
  • Abacus of adaptation actions to facilitate municipal technicians and public administrators in the adoption of measures that know how to adapt their territories to the urgent need to respond adaptively to climate changes;
  • Guidelines to mitigate heat island in open urban spaces and productive and commercial areas
  • Proposal for a new model of aggregate SECAP following the analysis of the SEAP experience and given the new SECAP planning season. To CMM was offered a new governance model of planning for mitigation and adaptation at the metropolitan level that would strengthen metropolitan coordination with a control room in the construction of inventories and mappings and delegated to municipalities the design of local solutions.