National Projects

Castelfranco Veneto

Climate impacts are further straining the already precarious emergency plans of Italian municipalities, often carried out as a bureaucratic task and hardly usable in emergencies. The Municipality of Castelfranco Veneto, in collaboration with the IUAV University of Venice, recognises the need for an effective and operationally oriented emergency planning, able to understand the climatic risks and the classical risks of its territory, and to develop, also through participatory moments, a tool for risk reduction and support to future urban and territorial planning. The aim of the project is to orientate the planning and management of the Civil Protection in Castelfranco Veneto so that, in an experimental way, it can implement a coherence between emergency and territorial planning, and a structured and effective participation between public and private in territorial management. The project is characterised as an action-research able to apply the results emerged in the recent research projects of the Planning Climate Change group. Moreover the project will develop a participated risk contract between the subjects involved in the management of emergency events in Castelfranco, in order to share roles, tasks and coordination avoiding top-down solutions and complexities linked to a poor inter-sectoral and inter-organisational communication before the event.