The archive of documents produced by EPIC is made up of policy briefs written by the researchers of the center and published on the official website of the FEEM - Enrico Mattei foundation. Policy briefs are research hypotheses that address topical issues by identifying which possible directions the operations carried out within the center can take.

14/2020 Coastal areas in transition. Assessment integration techniques to support local adaptation strategies to climate impacts
13/2020 Decentralisation, an innovative settlement model for war torn areas. Can reconstruction be the chance to rethink administrative and urban patterns?
12/2020 Conceptual and practical approaches of early stage urban reconstruction in the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria
11/2020 Lo spreco alimentare, pianificazione e circolarità
10/2020 The pre-disaster recovery plan - a tool for climate-proofing Southern Europe
04/2020 Vulnerability assessment and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) t drive climate-proof planning
03/2020 Circular Cities – Urban metabolism and circular economy as a planning approach to building resilient cities and territories
02/2020 Postwar Reconstruction materials and technologies A necessary innovation for a resource-based process
08/2019 Evolving Ownership Structures in Syrian Ongoing Conflict and Future Policies for a Sustainable Reconstruction