National Projects


The project on the Fincato Barracks by the City of Bassano del Grappa was based on a strong intuition, of great innovation on an international scale: to overcome the models of the military academies, fundamental to the security of the last century but now abandoned, using their spaces to create academies of higher education for the fight against climate change and disaster risk. The aim of the research was to propose an orientative design for the area of the former Fincato barracks in Bassano del Grappa, a splendid example of military construction from the last century, which could describe a regeneration of the area in the direction of the construction of an operational and training centre for Civil Protection. The centre was conceived to provide support in the management of extreme events and to develop and host innovative training and educational courses, based on the specific nature of the risks in the Piedmont areas: hydraulic-hydrogeological, seismic and industrial risks above all. The project themes were the design of the reduction of the impact of climate change and the safeguard of the twentieth-century historical heritage. The project acted with the aim of proposing spaces and solutions capable of guiding the development of the knowledge needed to reduce the emergencies caused by the changing climate. The project concluded with the delivery of a master plan and detailed studies for the more complex functions to be located in the complex. The first tranche of works to transform the buildings has been completed and the architectural design is in progress.