EU Projects


FRAMESPORT project will perform a coordinated initiative supporting an integrated and sustainable development of small ports in a strategic perspective, thus allowing them to be pro-active socio-economic drivers of the development in the the Italian and Croatian Adriatic coast. Such a strategic objective calls for a multifaceted approach, including both the adoption of concrete pilot actions as well as identification of priority themes to be promoted within the overall strategy. Priorities will be individuated by means of a bottom-up approach, involving local and national stakeholders since the project inception phase. Partners, which has been chosen in order to guarantee a wide territorial approach, will address planning and management topics, business models implementation, enhancement of training and competence, as well as develop ICT tools and services, thus supporting an effective development of small ports in the whole adriatic area. The project will build on existing knowledge and capitalize results of pilot initiatives by integrating them in a new strategic framework boosting small-scale maritime nodes performances along the Adriatic coasts.

FRAMESPORT efforts will produce two main outcomes: from one side the definition of a common strategic approach in the systematization of relevant data on small ports which will result in an ICT platform collecting information on their infrastructures, data coming from different types of sensors and on their potentialities. This will be achieved also thanks to a connected result which is the improved cooperation among the stakeholders involved in small ports development. At the same time its strategy results in an open opportunity for each small port to improve the overlooking planning of facilities, services and business models for their sustainable development. More in general, FRAMESPORT project actively contributes to define a backbone reference that small port community will be able to exploit as to further improve in the efficiency of their services.