The FSE-OPPORTUNITA’ project aims to launch a process aimed at developing a network of public and private entities capable of innovating the labour market in Veneto through the logic of the circular economy. This in order to increase competitiveness and territorial cohesion; revive the regional economy; reduce unemployment and youth unemployment rates; improve waste prevention and management. The recipients of the proposal are business owners, freelancers, and especially the disadvantaged and low-income people. Since it is believed that only by involving the widest spectrum of subjects is it really possible to innovate the Venetian entrepreneurial network by linking it to the circular economy logic. The integrated strategy of the project is based on several intervention plans, to pursue actions in different areas and articulated on the following operational objectives:

  1. To stimulate the dissemination of the culture of “reduction, reuse and recycling” through the involvement of private companies, public bodies, in seminars, workshops and other methods of dissemination;
  2. To identify the industrial synergies and symbioses that can be developed in the area mainly in the construction/building materials and agri-food sectors;
  3. To build a network of companies able to work synergistically on the logic of “reduction, reuse and recycling”, to ensure that the waste of one can be the raw material of the other;
  4. To develop different training courses with which to provide the necessary skills on the issues of the circular economy and work;
  5. To increase knowledge on circular economy issues through exchanges of experiences with the business world and other international realities.