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Life Urbanproof

The general objective of the LIFE project UrbanProof “Climate Proofing Urban Municipalities” is to increase the resilience of municipalities to climate change by providing them with a web-based tool (the “UrbanProof” toolkit) able to support the decision-making process related to local adaptation strategies and actions to be undertaken.

The project foresees that the partner municipalities (Reggio Emilia, Peristeri- GR, Strovolos and Lakatamia -CY) approve their own Adaptation Strategy starting from an initial cognitive framework that includes local data and information related to the territory and climate (floods, fires, air quality, water management, public health, energy consumption, hydrogeological risk, soil status, green areas, socio-economic data, etc.). To implement the cognitive framework, detailed information collected by aerial-photogrammetric flights over the territories of the partner cities is also used.

The collected data are analyzed through specific models in order to have for each municipality the prediction of future climate changes and their impact at local level and the analysis of specific vulnerabilities (in particular: water availability and drought, flooding, heat waves and health, high temperatures and energy demand, peri-urban fires, heat islands, ozone exceedances).

All of the key data collected, and the analyses performed, are compiled in the “UrbanProof toolkit”. The URBANPROOF toolkit is a powerful decision support system aimed at enabling more informed decision making for climate change adaptation planning. Specifically, the user is guided through the different features of the toolkit in order to obtain information on the impacts of climate change on the urban environment, explore and evaluate available adaptation options, and study the effect of adaptation interventions in increasing resilience to climate change.

Therefore, the present tool supports the drafting of adaptation strategies of the project partner municipalities.

The path has already led to the drafting of the Climate Change Adaptation Strategy of Reggio Emilia, approved by the City Council on November 2, 2020 and fully supported by the IUAV University of Venice.