National Projects



LUCI aims at the development and strength of active citizenship through the implementation of a series of actions aimed at the protection, enhancement, and shared care of common goods. The project involved the territories of Polesine, Bassa Padovana, and Basso Veneziano, involving marginal territories, characterized by slow modernization processes, not only for the economy but also concerning social processes, such as the participation of citizens in urban decision-making.


  • Promoting the concept of urban civic culture and new inclusive welfare;
  • promoting active citizenship and a culture of participation;
  • Shared care for common goods.


  • Civic imagination: Cycle of events for the dissemination of the concept of urban innovation. Moments of debate to discuss their vision of the territory and to actively collaborate in the realization of their ideas, in sharing with the local community.
  • Community workshops: Activating new social networks and increasing links between neighboring communities. Participatory paths have been created through City Conversations and meetings for the development of ideas.
  • Charter of the Common Goods: Through civic participation, a first “Mapping of the common goods” present in the territory and a “Regulation for the participation in the government and in the care of the common goods” has been realized. Good practices of collective care and management of goods and spaces have also been identified and promoted.

Representation of the territory: Promotion of active citizenship and participation through artistic languages.