EU Projects

Master Adapt


MASTER ADAPT aims to identify innovative multi-level governance tools and an operational methodology capable of supporting regions, metropolitan cities, and aggregations of municipalities in the inclusion of climate change adaptation strategies and measures in their plans and programs.


  • increasing the knowledge and capacity for analysis and action of technicians, policy-makers, and stakeholders;
  • to assess and encourage the mainstreaming of adaptation measures, identifying priority territorial areas of intervention and actionable solutions capable of combating the formation of heat islands and improving urban and large-area water outflow;
  • provide operational tools to simplify and facilitate the development and implementation of individual interventions focused on the so-called “Nature-Based Solutions” multi-objective;
  • raising awareness and mobilizing local citizens and stakeholders for concrete actions.


  • Climate and vulnerability analysis for project areas.
  • Mainstreaming adaptation objectives and measures into regional, metropolitan, supra-municipal, and municipal planning instruments.
  • Synergy with the existing strategic planning;
  • Development of general and specific adaptation objectives at the local level for the drafting of Municipal Adaptation Plans.
  • Guidelines for the integration of adaptation measures in planning at the level of Regions, Metropolitan Cities, Aggregations of Municipalities, and Municipalities.

Increasing the knowledge and training of administrators and technicians in public administrations and professionals.