EU Projects


The SEAP-Alps project has as its main objective the strengthening of the energy planning process at the local level (in particular by the municipalities) with an approach aimed at integrating climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies. Following this principle, which sees an ever closer relationship between mitigation and adaptation processes, an ad hoc methodology will be created, promoted and implemented to outline new types of Action Plans for Sustainable Energy in the Alpine Space Area.

The main actions envisaged by the project are aimed at:

  • Define a common methodology among the project partners for the management of the planning process foreseen by the Covenant of Mayors initiative (energy analysis, development of scenarios, Identification of objectives and actions, monitoring of the implementation of the Plans), integrating it with the concept of adaptation to climate change.
  • Experiment with the methodology for the elaboration of some Local Action Plans for Sustainable Energy in France, Italy, Austria, Germany and Slovenia.
  • Prepare a plan for public investments in implementation of the European Directive 2011/0370 which requires the requalification of at least 3% of the floor area owned by public bodies starting from 2014.
  • Build an information and training path on the project results and on the tools developed between the partners.