EU Projects


The STREAM project, funded by the EU Interreg Italy-Croatia Programme, is dedicated to the reduction of coastal flood risk in the Adriatic Basin. It will strengthen the competencies of all stakeholders to respond promptly to the phenomena related to this risk. The Adriatic basin is facing different types of water-related disasters: river floods, surface runoff in urban areas, flooding due to sea storms. These phenomena have been increasing in recent decades due to climate change.

The objective of STREAM is to improve monitoring and management for a prompt reaction in case of flood disasters, by creating and developing risk maps, hazard maps, as well as developing early warning systems for citizens. This project will increase the area’s security against disasters, and reduce the negative consequences on human health, the environment, cultural heritage and economic aspects of the area associated with flooding.

STREAM will lead to the development of guidelines and directives for risk reduction planning, rapid response and transformation of the most at risk territories in the Adriatic Basin. The Planning Climate Change Lab will have the role of guiding the development of these response and adaptation tools, promoting a climate-proof urban system throughout the area.