EU Projects


Territory, Energy & Employment is project co-funded from South East Europe Transnational Cooperation Programme (TERRE) aims to experiment and demonstrate that a wise & integrated exploitation of endogenous resources to produce renewable energy is an effective engine for a self-generated and sustainable local development in the areas, based on PPP between public institutions, private operators, and local communities, to get revenues and employment opportunities in less developed or marginal zones, and thus to promote tailored paths of growth and development based on a proper use of local resources. 

TERRE project try to determine long lasting positive effects on the local energy policies which can overcome the ideological obstacles to energy plants investments across the civil society and can convince policy maker to invest in RES by adopting models and patters, based on a multi-sectorial approach, that puts forward the environmental and landscape protection and social inputs, in exploiting the natural resources for energy purposes, with further impacts. Among the objectives of the project we find: 1) to analyse the peculiar characteristics of each territory, its potential for biomasses production from woods, agricultural and breeding activities, sun irradiation; 2)  to elaborate, on the basis of the estimated potential for producing renewable energies, through the implementation of a transnational decision support system, technical economic-financial plans in each area, in order to promote  economically, socially and environmentally sustainable local development; 3) to strengthen the durability and sustainability of local development according to structured processes of capacity building and participation of local actors. The aim is to elaborate and share with public institutions, stakeholders as well as with local communities, the above-mentioned catalogue of investment opportunities.