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The HORIZON 2020 – URBANWINS project aims to develop and test methods for researching and testing innovative and sustainable Strategic Plans for Waste Reduction and Management, in various urban contexts based on innovative approaches; interdisciplinary; participatory. These aspects can improve urban resilience, as well as ensure progress towards a sustainable production model and consumption patterns, while enhancing waste recovery and the use of recovered materials. The idea is to understand how urban models; buildings; infrastructural and green spaces; the behavior of citizens; organized action by stakeholders and public waste prevention and management interventions; they can be rethought and transformed through innovative policies capable of acting on the consumption and production of goods and services. Among the objectives: 1) To deepen the understanding of the state of the art of urban waste management strategies in 24 cities in Italy, Romania, Sweden, Spain, Portugal and Austria; 2) Define informative and participatory tools for the involvement of urban stakeholders; 3) Develop, test, formalize and disseminate a series of innovative prevention strategies as well as strategic recommendations and tools.

UrbanWins can therefore be considered an “idea to application” in the sector of waste prevention, management strategies and the urban metabolism approach in the countries involved in the project. The resulting inter-disciplinary and participatory plans are strongly oriented towards improving urban environmental resilience and guaranteeing the necessary progress towards more sustainable production and consumption models, improving the recovery of waste and the use of recovered materials, with attention to transversal level to gender issues.