Urbicide Syria - Post-war reconstruction Conference in Venice - Aula Tafuri, Palazzo Badoer

The conference aims to develop strategies for the post-war reconstruction of Syria, expecting the peace and the end of the conflict. Only through understanding the problems and imagining solutions during the war period makes possible to plan a future for a battered country. One of the topics of current interest in the field of civic engagement and operational architecture is how to deal with the consequences of urbicides, the deliberate violence to the cities, their destruction and erasure of memory. The war in recent years has been fought in urban settings and urbicide is a modern form of genocide where civilians, and the city where they live, are the primary target of destruction by the fighting forces. We must reflect on the consequences of urbicides, involving countries also distant from the epicentres of the suffering, that affect the reception ability of the survivors and refugees, their return to the country of origin and the possible reconstruction of the cities offended by the madness of mankind.