Venice Foresees Planet / New European Bauhaus

Venice Foresees Planet is a collective project curated by a consortium of cultural and administrative actors who believe in Venice as an opportunity to reconnect history and innovation, beauty and inclusiveness. 

Venice is today the measure of problems and the model of solutions for the construction of a global future capable of combining sustainability and beauty. The lagoon city only exists thanks to laborious strategic planning, continuous care and administrative courage that can guarantee the survival of its inhabitants and its environment. The condition of permanent risk is now extended to the entire planet, which is experiencing the first effects of a climate and environmental crisis that will radically alter lifestyles and models of society. 

Today Venice is called upon to innovate once again in order not to sink, to perform its historic function as a microcosm, a physical place where problems and solutions on a global scale and over a long period of time are concentrated here and now. Lagoon is the testing ground for radically experimenting with the solutions needed for the entire planet.

The New European Bauhaus project aims to build a road to the necessary ecological transition by operationalising the slogan Form Follows Planet. Venice has always been the operational model in which themes such as social inclusion and environmental impact are inextricably linked in design systems that on a small scale prefigure and anticipate global changes:

Venice Foresees Planet.

The New European Bauhaus project will allow Venice to become a place for global debate on forms and systems of design capable of combining sustainability and beauty.